Enough Mac, welcome Linux

Some of you may know that I used MBP for laptop (and I loved it for a long time). But recently I just needed linux locally, I just needed ports. Basically how I solved the problem – bought an old thinkpad x230. Currently, it’s a shitty machine – i5-3320M @ 2.60GHz, 4 gigs of RAM and hdd (don’t even know how big it is).

So, in order to solve the shitty part I am about to “slightly” upgrade it.

  1. Of course remove the hdd and put some nice SSD. Probably samsung evo.
  2. With some hacks and more money – 16 GB of RAM. It is achievable with specific memory (definitely not the valued one) and eventually flashing the BIOS. I know .. “why dual core and 16gb ram?” .. well cuz … I can and I will. + i love having VMs, not only fancy containers.
  3. I have absolutely no freakin idea how this stock battery performs but I have no intention to find out. 9-cell battery is on the way. I expect from it 5-6 hours.

And of course, the x230 is running openSUSE Leap 15. You know me, I love the gekko.